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Published on 09 Mar 2019 / In Non-profits & Activism

Abraham Lincoln is credited for stating that, democracy is a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” The importance of democracy, the institutionalization of the various forms of freedoms, rest on the people of any country.

The people define, shape and drive a democracy but in Ghana and most parts of Africa, the people are taken for granted, given no voice and their plights linger on—from one corner to the other.
Existing and new political parties and groups have become weapons used by the rich, the aristocrats and the bourgeoisies to enrich themselves and peddle their own interests to the huge detriment of the ordinary people.

Who stands for the people these days? The people must rise, coalesce into our true force and not only appoint those we deem worthy into leadership, but also vigorously hold them accountable to the highest standard.

This is what The People’s Project (TPP), an online and offline political and social assemblage, stands to do.

The People’s Project is stationed to transcend all styles of individual and party interests—taking only interest in what’s great for Ghana.

TPP is not just a movement or a group aimed at critically promoting and advancing the tenets of good governance, it will lead the fight against corruption using all legitimate tools of exposing and mass pressure for prosecution.

Everyone is welcomed to be a member—we pride ourselves as a group of good spirited, objective and open-minded Ghanaians, both home and in the diaspora.

Our invitation is extended to anyone with Ghana at heart to join this high impact-driven initiative of building a civil movement powerhouse, aimed at serving as a tool against abuse of our scarce national resources and power–and to serve as a stronger third force with which to hold social and political actors accountable.

We understand the importance of numbers in a majority driven democracy and therefore, our aim to amass 1 million Ghanaians as active members and drive the needed national change, on the back of each member and for the betterment of all.

This is a well-organized initiative with formidable structures which are accessible to provide the needed space for every Ghanaian to participate in critical issues discourses bothering on national development and our collective future.

It’s absurd that our leaders seem to only respect us and come to us every 4 years and that’s when they want their mandates renewed. Perhaps, it is somewhat our fault, because we do not have robust scaffolds to hold those we put in power, accountable and in check, every time as we wish.

The People Project has, therefore, been established to serve as the socio-political command center, manned by the people themselves, watching out for the people’s interest from those the people have put in power.

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